How Much Can UNC Students Expect In Their Refund?

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LEAD: Two weeks after the UNC System ordered all students to vacate their dorms, the Board of Governors has announced a plan to refund students’ housing and dining. Reporter Jackson Lanier has more on what the refunds will look like.

 JACKSON: The Board of Governors’ passed their emergency budget request on April 8. In the budget it orders all UNC System schools to refund students’ on campus housing and dining expenses.

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JACKSON: The refund amount students will receive will vary student to student. Here is how a student can estimate their refund to be.

JACKSON: For housing, take your semester rate your housing divide that amount by fifteen, then multiply it by seven. A student living in a double occupancy dorm are estimated to receive a little less than one thousand, six hundred dollars.

JACKSON: For dining, students will receive the remaining value of their swipes. For the block plans, divide the cost of your plan by the number of swipes in the plan, and then multiply that number by your remaining swipes.

JACKSON: For the unlimited plan, divide the plan’s cost by 15, and then multiply that number by seven. A student with the unlimited plan are estimated to receive around one thousand, one hundred dollars.

JACKSON: The board of governors has said that universities will only be issuing refunds for housing and dining  

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JACKSON: In order to receive a refund, students must have direct deposit setup in connect Carolina. To do that, login to connect Carolina. Go to student center. Click the manage student finances button, after completing 2 step verification you should be prompted to setup direct deposit. Follow the steps, and you will be setup to receive your refund. The University has said that students can expect to receive their refund by the end of April. In Randleman, I’m Jackson Lanier, Carolina Week.

Tag: UNC has also created the Student Impact Fund to help impacted by the Coronavirus. More information about the fund and other resources can be found at KEEP LEARNING DOT U-N-C DOT E-D-U

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