According to the “16 Personalities Test,” I have an INTJ-A, or Architect, personality. This means I:

  • Value rationality and effectiveness.
  • Deeply scrutinize and handily organize a concept’s diverse parts, demonstrating a love of systems and a delight in using them to develop results-oriented approaches.
  • Hold firmly to the reality that good results are the product of persistence and hard work.

According to my DISC type, I am a type C which means:

  • I am accurate, precise, detail-oriented and conscientious
  • I think very analytically and systematically, and make decisions carefully with plenty of research
  • I tend to be good problem solvers and very creative

According to my Enneagram type, I am a type 8 which means:

  • I enjoy taking on challenges
  • I have enormous willpower and vitality
  • I am a rugged individualist

Top 3 Movies

Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail Poster

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

How can this movie not be anyone’s favorite? Beyond the comedy this movie provides, I love the way it mocks cliches of medieval stories. My favorite scene is John Cleese’s taunting Frenchman scene. However, my favorite line from the movie is when King Arthur is throwing the Holy Hand Grenade and goes 1…2…5. I have a poster of that moment hanging on my wall.

Deadpool 2

I love this movie because of the way it mocks the post-western style movies. At the very beginning of the movie, Deadpool tells the audience he has to one-up Logan for dying. The movie “Logan” was a modern-day post western movie. Deadpool 2 mocks “Logan” by following a similar plot and making fun of the post-western genre as a whole.

Dr. Strangelove Poster

Dr. Strangelove

Dr. Strangelove is one of my favorites because of its absurdity. The movie jokes about the threat of Mutually Assured Destruction. It jokes about how easy MAD could be triggered and the entire world could be turned into a barren wasteland. The best scene in this movie is when Dr. Strangelove nonchalantly starts spitting out figures about how many men and women could be saved and suggesting that there would be a ration of ten to one females per male. He’s spitting out all of these facts while fighting not to perform the Nazi salute. Even though the world as we know it was ending, the President and Pentagon were already worried about a gap in mine shafts between the US and USSR to house the survivors.

Top 3 TV Shows


Gotham is one of my favorite TV show because I love the overall feel of the show; it feels like an 80’s crime show in today’s world. I am amazed at the detail the production team puts into every detail on set and in the story.

Favorite character: James Gordon

Every episode, Gordon is in conflict with himself. His fight between justice and the urge for revenge always makes me question which side of him will prevail that episode and what the consequences will be.

Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones is one of my favorite TV show because the plot and characters are amazing, but the sets for the scenes are not as spectacular for me as Gotham. Game of Thrones, ever since I started watching it the show has had me on the edge of my seat and questions who was going to die next.

Favorite Character: Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister is my favorite character in Game of Thrones because of the way Tywin leads. Tywin prefers to play the long game when trying to acquire power in Westeros. He also didn’t seek power exclusively for himself, rather for his son and daughter as well.

House of Cards

House of Cards is arguably the best original show Netflix has ever made. This show is one of my favorites because of the way you grow attached to the characters while at the same time despising everything about them. The show is also unique because the show highlights a lot of topics about our current political atmosphere. The show discusses the press’s role in politics, the influence of donors, and the influence of lobbyists. House of Cards also utilizes art and theater to enhance the story. The art in the show, especially, alludes to historical stories that resemble the plot. For example, one character is facing impeachment and during one scene where he discusses the possibility of impeachment, a portrait of President Nixon hung in the background.

Favorite Character: Francis (Frank) Underwood

Frank Underwood is an amazing character. He is a ruthless and hypocritical character, but no matter how evil he can be you still are drawn to him. I hope to one day visit Frank’s grave in Gaffney, SC, while wearing my t-shirt inspired by his campaign.

Favorite Historical Figures

Julius Caesar


Why I like Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar is one of my favorite historical figures because the man can be viewed two different ways. One way to view him is as the tyrant who overthrew the Roman Republic, a dictator who wanted absolute power, and an evil man who fell at the hands of justified assassin. I prefer to view Caesar, rather, as a man who sought to reform Rome and cut through a corrupt bureaucracy. When marching on Rome and his campaigns during the civil war, Caesar never harbored any ill will towards those who opposed him, even his best friend turned adversary, Pompey Magnus. After the civil war, Caesar did not issue proscriptions against the senators who were on Pompey’s side and Caesar even wept for the death Pompey. Caesar also used his dictatorial powers to implement the needed reforms championed by Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus decades earlier before they were killed by the Senate. I believe that Caesar did nothing wrong and that Brutus and the conspirators were wrong to assassinate Caesar. However, I enjoy debating the life and legacy of Julius Caesar and that is why he is one of my favorite historical figures. Regardless of which way he is viewed, Julius Caesar is a large reason why the modern western world is the way it is today.

Khosrow I

Sasanian Empire

Why I like Khosrow I

Khosrow I is one of my favorite historical figures, not because he did anything where we still feel his effects today, but rather because he is arguable the biggest historical troll. Khosrow I’s Sassanian Empire was on the eastern border of the Byzantine Empire. While Byzantine Emperor Justinian I’s army was largely held up in Italy attempting to reunite and recreate the Roman Empire, Khosrow I sensed an opportunity to get more money from the Byzantines. The Byzantines had previously paid the Sassanian annually to not engage in hostilities against them. After the Byzantines built a new fort along the Byzantine-Sassanian Border, Khosrow I used the fort’s construction as justification to demand more money from the Byzantines. When the Byzantines replied saying they did not have the funds, Khosrow I invaded modern day Syria and Jordan. Khosrow I told the Byzantines that the second he received his payment that he would end his campaign. While on campaign, Khosrow I offered every city he came upon the same options: give me money, or be destroyed. Almost every city Khosrow I’s army came across the city would pay Khosrow I and the Sassanians would actually reuse that money to buy supplies from that town. One town, though, refused to pay Khosrow I’s bribe. The city of Antioch was confident that it could withstand the Sassanian siege thanks to its towering walls and that supplies could be brought in via its secret passage. Antioch was wrong. Khosrow I knew about the secret passage. When the Sassanians breached the city’s walls, Khosrow I’s men captured everyone who escaped via the secret passage and took them as prisoners. Khosrow I tried to sell the captured citizens of Antioch back to the Byzantines, but the Byzantine Empire refused to pay. Angered by the Byzantines’ lack of attention to him and rumors of a plague sweeping the Byzantine Empire, Khosrow I ended his campaign and took the captured citizens of Antioch back with him. Though, he didn’t take them as slaves. Khosrow I’s architects built an exact copy of Antioch within the Sassanian empire. The prisoners were invited to live in the new city and held the same jobs and positions they did in their old city. The new city was named “Weh Antioch Khosrow,” which translates to “Khosrow’s Better Antioch.”

More about the life of Khosrow I

Benjamin Hornigold

Caribbean Pirate

Why I like Benjamin Hornigold

Benjamin Hornigold is an interesting character in history. He’s one of my favorite historical figures because this man has a wild life story. Early in his piracy career, Hornigold and his crew were so drunk one evening while sailing off the coast of Honduras that (for whatever reason) they all threw their hats overboard. The next day, realizing that they had no protection from the sun, decided they needed new hats. Upon seeing a merchant ship, Hornigold’s crew raised their black flag and the merchant ship surrendered. Hornigold told the merchants that they had no interest in stealing their goods or gold and that all they wanted was their hats. The pirates took the merchants’ hats and sailed away leaving the merchants hatless, but alive. Near the end of Hornigold’s pirate career, he and other bands of pirates formed the Republic of Pirates in the Bahamas. It was a haven for all pirates and functioned as a true government with elected positions. A young pirate captain was starting gain notoriety named Edward Teach, also known as Blackbeard, was the first Magistrate of the Republic of Pirates and enforced the pirates’ code of conduct. After 11 years of the Republic of Pirates, the new British governor for the Bahamas offered all pirates a pardon is they pledge to never again engage in piracy. Hornigold, knowing his sailing days were numbered, accepted the pardon and was offered to become a privateer and hunt down the remaining pirates. Hornigold accepted and spent his remaining days hunting the pirates he once worked with and dismantled his own Republic of Pirates.

Favorite Stories From History

Battle of Karánsebes

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U.S. Approves Trade with the Mole-People

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The Reign of Emperor Joshua Norton I, Emperor of the United States

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