A quick look at Jackson

  • He’s a law student at North Carolina Central University
  • He’s a recipient of the Silver Congressional Award
  • He’s won an award from the Society of Professional Journalists
  • He’s a Stembler Scholar

Full Bio

When he was little, Jackson grew up watching the PBS show Liberty’s Kids. The show was about three fictional children who worked for Benjamin Franklin’s newspaper in Philadelphia. The kids followed the story of the American War for Independence from the Boston Tea Party to the Battle of Yorktown. Since watching Liberty’s Kids, Jackson has been fascinated by history and wanted to become a journalist.

Before starting classes at UNC-Chapel Hill, Jackson did not like sports, especially football. While an undergraduate, he was a Manager for the UNC Football Team. Much to his astonishment, he now likes college football and enjoyed traveling across the country with the team.

As a student journalist, Jackson covered topics such as the 2020 Presidential election, the challenge of declining enrollment facing colleges nationally, and problems facing UNC-Chapel Hill. Through his work, Jackson has made valuable connections in the UNC System Office, with several NC Legislators’ offices, and various activist groups across North Carolina.

Beyond his professional life, Jackson enjoys kayaking, playing with his dogs, nearly destroying his friendships in a game of monopoly, and playing video games. His proudest nonprofessional achievement was getting MVP in a laser tag game against a 10-year-old’s birthday party.

Jackson currently attends North Carolina Central School of Law and will one day become an attorney. In the future, he hopes to present a case before the judge who crushed his soul during his first high school mock trial competition.