Jackson Lanier Professional Headshot

Jackson A. Lanier

  • Teen Court Volunteer since 2013: Dedicated to community service and youth engagement.
  • Published Author: Explore my legal insights and contributions in various publications.
  • First-Generation College and Law Student: Pioneering a unique path in education, breaking barriers, and inspiring others to follow suit.

Short Bio

Jackson A. Lanier, JD, is a trailblazing legal professional dedicated to reshaping the legal landscape through innovation and community engagement. As a first-generation college and law graduate, Jackson’s journey is marked by perseverance, passion, and a commitment to excellence.

With a Juris Doctor degree from North Carolina Central University School of Law, Jackson brings a wealth of legal expertise and a fresh perspective to the table. His journey began with a dedication to community service, volunteering with North Carolina Teen Court programs and authoring the “Lanier’s North Carolina Teen Court Handbook” to empower future advocates.

As a published author and legal scholar, Jackson’s insights have been featured in prestigious journals and media outlets, contributing to the broader legal discourse. Beyond academia, his impact extends to multimedia journalism, where he has reached millions with his compelling storytelling and advocacy for social justice.

Driven by a passion for innovation, Jackson embraces emerging technologies and explores their transformative potential in the legal profession. He is a dynamic thinker who seeks to bridge the gap between tradition and progress, leveraging technology to enhance access to justice.