Jackson Lanier Professional Headshot

Jackson A. Lanier

  • He’s a Juris Doctor Candidate at North Carolina Central University.
  • He’s volunteered with Teen Court Programs since 2013.
  • He’s a recipient of the Silver Congressional Award.
  • He’s a first-generation college and law student.

Full Bio

Jackson Lanier is a second-year law student at North Carolina Central University and graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill with a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Media. He is a first-generation college student and former manager for the UNC Football Team.

Since he was little, Jackson has wanted to practice law. What set him down this path in life was not shows such as J.A.G. or Law and Order, but rather his experience volunteering with his local Teen Court program while in high school. Jackson loved working with first-time juvenile offenders and exploring his interest in law. His time working with the program cemented his fascination with the study and practice of law and even earned him the Silver Congressional Award for his extensive community service.

As an undergraduate, Jackson was a journalist for student media outlets. As a journalist, Jackson was on the front line of history and was able to cover stories such as how COVID-19 reshaped 2020 election campaigns and nurse staffing, how the changing economic landscape is affecting college enrollment, and how the UNC System Board of Governors plans to promote historically black colleges and universities. Because of the outstanding quality of his pieces and his strong work ethic, Jackson was made a Stembler Scholar, the Hussman School of Journalism and Media’s highest honor.

As a law student, Jackson continues to demonstrate the writing skills he developed during undergraduate. He is currently a Staff Editor for Volume 45 of the North Carolina University Law Review and is slated to have a case note published in it. Jackson also serves as the NCCU Teen Court Pro Bono Director, continuing his passion for volunteering with Teen Court programs. In addition, he mentors high school students interested in attending law school and teaches the skills he wished he had when he was in high school.

Beyond his professional life, Jackson enjoys kayaking and wandering the North Carolina Museum of History and Museum of Art. He is also an early adopter of virtual reality technology and enjoys exploring new worlds and playing immersive games.

After law school, Jackson plans to practice law and to continue serving the community in any way he can.