Jackson Lanier Professional Headshot

Jackson A. Lanier

  • Juris Doctor Candidate: Advancing legal expertise at North Carolina Central University while exploring the intersection of law and cutting-edge technology.
  • Teen Court Volunteer since 2013: Dedicated to community service and youth engagement.
  • Published Author: Explore my legal insights and contributions in various publications.
  • First-Generation College and Law Student: Pioneering a unique path in education, breaking barriers, and inspiring others to follow suit.

Full Bio

Meet Jackson A. Lanier, a dynamic third-year law student at North Carolina Central University (NCCU) dedicated to reshaping the legal landscape. As a first-generation college and law student, Jackson’s journey is marked by an unwavering passion for law and community service.

His legal odyssey began in high school, volunteering with the Teen Court program, ultimately leading to the creation of “Lanier’s North Carolina Teen Court Handbook.” This guidebook, authored and published by Jackson, empowers high school students interested in Teen Court, offering valuable insights to enhance their advocacy and legal arguments. Widely adopted by several NC Teen Court programs, the handbook stands as a testament to Jackson’s commitment to legal education.

Jackson’s contributions extend to the academic realm, with publications in esteemed journals such as the North Carolina Central University Law Review and Dartmouth Law Review. His insightful perspectives and legal analyses contribute to the broader legal discourse.

As a multimedia journalist, Jackson’s impact transcends academia. His work has graced the airwaves of prominent media outlets, including 97.9 WCHL and WRAL, reaching an audience of over six million. Whether delving into legal intricacies or exploring broader societal issues, Jackson brings a unique voice to the forefront.

In his pursuits outside academia, Jackson’s interests span kayaking, exploring the North Carolina Museum of Art, and experimenting with emerging technology. This multifaceted approach aligns seamlessly with his dedication to creating a more engaging and informed world.

As Jackson approaches the culmination of his law school journey, his commitment to community betterment and legal excellence remains unwavering. Explore Jackson A. Lanier’s unique legal journey and impactful contributions – a testament to his dedication to law, community service, and the transformative potential of technology.