Endorsement and Advance Praise for The Practical Mediator by Frank C. Laney
I had the privilege of crafting an advance praise for "The Practical Mediator" by Frank C. Laney. This commendation appears within the book alongside endorsements from esteemed figures …
Plea Problems and Diversion Dilemmas: Protecting Juvenile Rights Through Pragmatic Means
This article examines protecting juvenile rights during plea bargains. It argues diversion programs should be treated like plea bargains.
Fudd v. Caskets-R-Us
The following are the work products from my trial practice class. In this case, Elroy Fudd purchased a casket called the "Golden Finished Pine" model from Bell's Funeral …
Lanier’s North Carolina Teen Court Handbook
This guide offers practical insights, real-world examples, and empowering knowledge to help you succeed in your Teen Court journey.