Memorandum in Opposition to Defendant’s Motion for Dismissal
A legal writing sample dealing with a fictional case facing a 12b(6) motion to dismiss. Written for NCCU Legal Reasoning and Writing class.
Angelo Olajuwon Memorandum
A sample of Jackson Lanier's legal writing. This piece was written by him during his fall 1L year at NCCU School of Law.
‘Just a guy from 1,300 miles away’: Nurse travels to provide COVID relief
Alan Grizzard gained famed becoming a traveling nurse, but its actually easy for nurses in most states to become a traveling nurse.
The cap on out-of-state student enrollment at North Carolina universities could be increasing – but only for HBCUs
The upcoming UNC System BOG meeting could increase the cap for out-of-state students at HBCUs. Officials say this move will help the schools.