What weapons can you carry to protect yourself? It depends where you are

This story originally aired on September 28, 2019, on 97.9 WCHL “The Hill”

Jackson: On a college campus, it’s hard for people to know what weapons they can and can’t carry. Sgt James David of UNC police says North Carolina laws simpler than some people think. when it comes to carrying a weapon on a college campus 

David: The best way to generalize that would be no weapons are allowed on educational property, with pretty much the only exception being mace or pepper spray.

Jackson: That means firearms, stun guns, tasers, and non-cooking knives are not allowed on campus or in dorms. However, off campus is a different story. North Carolina law allows many weapons that would not be legal on campus, including open-carry firearms and concealed firearms with a permit. Sgt Charles Pardo of the Chapel Hill police dept. says, when off-campus, people should carry whatever they feel comfortable with, but he recommends as pepper spray for self-defense.  

Pardo: it varies from individual to individual, what they will say, feel safe with and using. But pepper spray seems to be something that, that it’s not going to get you in any kind of trouble.

Jackson: Sophomore Heather Burris says pepper spray makes her feel safer.

Burris: And I really only take it out at night when I’m walking back to my dorm….just to be safe because I never know if someone is like lurking around or could possibly be following me. I had it last year, but I didn’t really feel like I needed to use it. But with the two incidents, I feel like there could be a chance of something happening. So now I carry it every night.

Jackson: Even off campus, private property owners can restrict firearms and other kinds of weapons. Many local apartment complexes do that. However, Sgt David says that weapons aren’t your only option to protect yourself

David: one of your greatest tools is your own personal training and your own situational awareness. being cognizant of the area around you, what are the safest routes to travel on campus. 

He also recommends staying in well lit areas, walking with friends, or talking to a friend on the phone if you’re walking alone.

Jackson: In Chapel Hill, I’m Jackson Lanier

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