Political Campaigns Adapt To The Coronavirus

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Anchor Lead: The coronavirus has changed the way we work, eat, and socialize. At the same time it also impacting election campaign. Jackson Lanier has more on how Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders’s campaign are dealing with social distancing.

Jackson: Just a few short weeks ago, President Donald Trump, Former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senator Bernie Sanders were all on the campaign trail giving speeches to thousands everywhere they stopped. But, the coronavirus stopped all of that. While President Trump remained in the public spotlight tackling the coronavirus, Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders were left without a traditional means of connecting with their audiences. Biden’s campaign thought outside of the box and decided to be the first in US election history to hold rallies digitally. While a great idea on paper ….

Biden tech issues SOT

Jackson: Biden’s first town hall was plagued with technical difficulties. Besides audio and video issues at the beginning of the webcast, the livestream at points randomly pulled up the webcams of viewers. At one point, Biden even walked off, seeming to forget he was on camera. By the time of his second digital rally, Biden’s campaign had constructed a studio in his home and the quality of the livestream greatly improved. Though, there were still ample technical difficulties including a teleprompter issues. Bernie Sanders’s campaign opted instead of having the rally live, they instead prerecorded everything. Everything from the musical acts, surrogates, and even Sanders’s own speech was prerecorded. Both Candidates during their digital rallies criticized President Trump for his handling of the Corona Virus

Sanders: “We have a president who is in so many ways unfit to be president in terms of the coronavirus. He’s making a very difficult situation even worse”

Biden: “Let me be clear, Donald Trump is not the plan for the coronavirus, but he does bare responsibility for our response.”

Jackson: Both Campaigns say digital rallies will be the way they connect to their audience while practicing social distancing. In Randleman, I’m Jackson Lanier

Anchor Tag: President Trump’s reelection campaign does not have any future rallies planned currently as he is focusing on his Presidential duties.

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