Biden, Sanders, and Bloomberg Lead in NC Primary Poll

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Anchor Lead: For the second time in six months, Senator Bernie Sanders has held a campaign rally in the triangle. Reporter Jackson Lanier has more on Bernie Sanders’ and other democratic candidates’ chances of winning the North Carolina Primary.

Jackson: Bernie Sanders’s campaign rally in Durham was short with the 2020 Presidential hopeful speaking for less than thirty minutes. Though, the Vermont Senator took the time in his speech to attack one of his Democratic rivals, Michael Bloomberg.

Sanders SOT: Now I understand that some of our opponents are billionaires and they’re buying the airwaves. I got it. … People understand there is something wrong when we have a corrupt political system that allows billionaires to buy elections… What we believe in is democracy. One person one vote, not billionaires buying elections

Jackson: Bloomberg has spent a record amount of money buying campaign ads and has spent $7.7 million on ads in North Carolina alone. Recent poll numbers show that Sanders, Bloomberg, and former Vice President Joe Biden are now within three percentage points of each other in North Carolina.

While Sanders and Bloomberg are gaining ground in North Carolina, Biden has a large lead in the number of endorsements.

Biden has been endorsed by 10 current and former North Carolina politicians while Michael Bloomberg has 2 endorsements, and Bernie Sanders has 1.

Though, last Thursday Bloomberg received the biggest endorsement in the North Carolina Democratic Primary race. Former North Carolina Governor Beverly Perdue endorsed Mike Bloomberg in Raleigh

Perdue SOT: I know with all my heart that he is going to be our next president, and he will be a great partner for North Carolina.

Jackson: As the North Carolina Primary on March 3rd gets closer, you can expect to see more presidential candidates visit the Tar Heel state. In Durham, I’m Jackson Lanier, Carolina Week.

Anchor Tag: The democratic candidates are not the only ones holding rallies in North Carolina, President Donald Trump will be holding a rally next Monday in Charlotte.

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