Asheboro-Randolph teen court helps keep teens out of trouble

Posted 10:27 pm, September 14, 2015, by Kim Wynne on FOX 8

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ASHEBORO, N.C. — The Asheboro-Randolph Teen Court Program helps divert first-time teen offenders who commit small crimes from going to juvenile court.

Teens who commit misdemeanors are tried and sentenced in a courtroom of their peers. The only adult is the judge.

Depending on the severity of the crime, teens can be sentenced to community service, writing an essay or giving a face to face apology.

Since 2013, 117 teens have gone through the program, which has a 96 percent success rate.

“We believe that if we give them a second chance and help them change their way of thinking that may prevent them in the future from doing what they’ve done,” said program coordinator Terra Lataille.

Police and school resource officers recommend which students need the program.

The teen decides whether they want to go through teen court or juvenile court.

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